4 healing herbs for spring

As you probably know, in Ayurveda we love herbs 🌿  You can use them abundantly for cooking or for making teas. Besides exotic herbs, you can grow delicious herbs in your own garden or balcony (or find them in nature) that will give your food plenty of flavor and boost your health. In this blog […]

The secret of Ayurvedic cooking

We are built of and constantly renewed by what we take in. In all ancient traditions, nutrition is considered essential to build and maintain the body. Within Ayurveda, therefore, we look at nutrition as the building blocks of a healthy physical, mental and spiritual body rather than just an addition of calories or a taste […]

Ayurveda & the power of good digestion

Of course, we all know that eating healthy is important. But in Ayurveda, we often approach food a little differently than in Western nutrition. In this blog, you’ll read more about the power of a healthy digestive system.   The power of good digestion Have you ever had those days when you woke up feeling […]

10 Ayurvedic tips for balance in winter & early spring

One day we are all out ice skating. The next day it feels like spring is on its way with warm temperatures and a wet sun. The second half of winter has arrived and in Ayurveda that means a transition from the Vata season to the Kapha season. Change of the seasons And for us, […]

These 7 Ayurvedic tips ensure a good night’s sleep in stressful times

Are you tired all day and looking forward to going to bed, only to be lying fretting for hours and staring at the ceiling? Or do you wake up in the early hours and can’t fall back to sleep? Sounds familiar? Nothing is as frustrating as insomnia. And no less than 1/4 of the adult […]

10 Happy belly tips for the holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration: celebration of life and of our happiness. Despite the crazy times, for most of us these days are also a time of abundance. We spend intimate moments with loved ones, have plenty of food and drinks on the table, and enjoy a break from everyday life. This all […]

Live with the rhythm of the doshas for happiness and health

We as humans are rhythmic beings. We feel best when we live in rhythms and tune these rhythms to nature. After all, we are part of that same nature. Ayurveda also recognizes the rhythms of nature and divides the day into 6 parts, where in each part a certain dosha dominates. This way, Ayurveda gives […]

Ayurveda & self care, discover Abhyanga

If you delve a little deeper into Ayurveda, you’ll soon find out that self care is one of the most important factors in keeping body, mind, and soul in balance. In this blog you’ll read: The what and why of self care About Ayurvedic self-massage as a self care tool How do you do a […]

Can you really boost your immunity?

You can’t open social media without being bombarded with tips on how to increase your immunity. But can you, really? What is the Ayurvedic perspective on this? Well: No, and Yes. Why No? No if you are talking about taking a load of vitamines, hoping that it will make you stronger overnight. Vitamines need time […]

What is your Dosha?

The Doshas In our previous blog we explained how we are all made up of the 5 Elements. From these elements 3 groups can be formed where two of the elements are naturally drawn to each other. This combination is referred to as Dosha. The Doshas are called Vata (Ether & Air), Pitta (Fire & […]