Easy Ayurveda for your holidays – 10 tips

Have you just started practicing Ayurveda, but now the holidays are there? I know, that can be a tricky. Holiday is the time to let go, enjoying is paramount and let’s face it, that enjoyment is sometimes difficult enough.

What should I pack, is the weather nice, what if it rains, how do I keep the children calm, do I have to be tested, do I have to bring the masks and how the heck do I keep it cozy with my partner?

Just a few challenges when you go on holiday. And that is precisely why, of course, you have no time at all to think about what you are going to eat and how you feel. Although all those challenges of actually do ask for balance 😉

No worries, I’ve got your back! Here are 10 tips to Ayurveda your holiday.

  1. Preferably do an abhyangha the evening before your departure or the morning of departure. This ensures that you leave the plane/car more grounded.\
  2. Of course, take your tongue scraper with you
  3. Start your day on holiday with 2 glasses of lukewarm water.
  4. For the Vatas: After 10 minutes, eat 6-8 soaked almonds (without skin) and 3 dried and soaked plums.
  5. Take your thermos with you during the day, and fill it with water or tea. Water, for example, with cucumber or mint slices, in terms of tea think of CCF, fennel, fresh ginger tea, mint tea, chamomile, hibiscus, and rose tea.
  6. Also in terms of drinking: coconut water, fresh fruit juices (especially sweet fruit).
  7. Try to choose what will do you good for breakfast (for example oatmeal, overnight oats, teff, pancakes) and let go of all the “rules” for lunch and dinner. Enjoy the local cuisine and products!
  8. If you want to eat cheese (yes hello southern Europe!) then choose the soft goat or sheep cheese.
  9. Eat fruit separately from the meal, including your fruit juices. Sweet seasonal fruits such as peaches, plums, strawberries, berries, cherries are great snacks!
  10. Buy a jar of coconut oil (if you go to the heat, otherwise sesame oil) to rub in lightly after showering as a replacement for abhyangha.

Hopefully this will help keep your digestive system, your travel partners, and most importantly, yourself, happy and relaxed. Bon Voyage!

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