5 tips to reduce sugar cravings

Do you have a sweet tooth? Especially after a meal or late in the afternoon, a lot of people feel like a sweet snack.

However, we all know that too much sugar is just not so healthy. Refined sugars are very hard to digest and can derange our digestive fire. While giving you a short term energy boost, sugars are not great if you want to stay energetic during the day. But how to reduce those sugar cravings?

1. Add more sweet to your meals

In the blog How to manage your health using the 6 tastes, we introduced you to the benefits of using all of the tastes and explained how to integrate them into your diet. When you have sugar cravings, it usually means you don’t have enough intake of the sweet taste.

Sweet is considered being one of the building blocks for the body and mind, creating a sense of groundedness, nourishment and contentment. It is also associated with love and compassion. Good sources for the sweet taste are grains, nuts, seeds, sweet root vegetables, meat, milk, cheese, sweet fruits and dates. Ayurveda advices to have the biggest part of the meal consist of the sweet taste.

2. Reduce snacking and stick to 2-3 meals a day

Contradictory to what most western nutritionist advice, Ayurveda advices that we have 2-3 meals a day, without snacking in between. In this way, our digestive system can digest a complete meal before taking in more food. When you snack in between, the gut enzymes will start digesting the sweet snack before they finished the job of digesting the meal. Because they also love sugars! Undigested matter remains in your GI tract, which will make you feel more heavy and tired and have you want that next snack as a quick fix! When you are high Vata or Pitta, it is fine to have a snack when you truly feel hungry. Have a high quality snack, like sweet fruits or energy balls. If your body type is more Kapha, it is better to completely avoid snacking.

3. Use spices

There are spices that are known to balance your blood sugar level. Ideal if you want to get rid of sugar cravings that occur a few hours after a meal. On top of that, spices enhance digestion and assimilation of nutrients, so you also aid the absorption of all the good stuff you eat into your body. Cinnamon, ginger, curcuma and garlic are great spices to control blood sugar levels. Also fenugreek is wonderful, which thanks to its fiber content also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars.

4. Get enough rest

Yes, as simple as it sounds. When you wake up unrested, it’s just so tempting to have a quick sweet snack and go with that rhythm the rest of the day. Sweet is comforting and soothing our soul, and that is what we want when we feel tired. Being unrested it is just way more difficult to stick to our resolutions. So get to bed on time, or have a moment during the day to gather your energy again.

5. Check in with your emotional state

Last but not least, when we have the desire for something sweet it can also be an emotional craving. It could mean that we take in too much roughness in our lives. So did you have a healthy balanced meal and got enough rest but still feel like sweets? Take a moment to turn inward and evaluate how you are doing mentally or emotionally. Snacking is often done as a way to fill an inner gap, without us even aware of doing that. And the start of the journey to change it, is recognition.

These 5 easy tools are very helpful in controlling your blood sugar level and avoiding your sweet cravings. If you want to learn more, join us in our upcoming unlock your energy program!

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