The summer solstice: how to seize this special day for more clarity & peace

Cause for celebration! The summer solstice is arriving, the longest day of the year. On June 21, the sun reaches its highest point over the northern hemisphere. In Ayurveda, this moment marks the transition from spring to summer. And although we’ve already been enjoying summer temperatures, this day means that summer really begins.

The solstice is truly a moment to celebrate. This was common knowledge among the ancient peoples of centuries ago, and in Scandinavia too this day is still widely celebrated. Not only because it means we can still enjoy months of warmth and light, but also because this event comes with a special kind of energy. By becoming aware of this energy and tuning into it, we can use the brightest day of the year to create more clarity in our own lives. In this blog I’ll tell you all about it.

Summer: Pitta season

In Ayurveda, summer regarded as characterized by Pitta energy. During this time, the elements fire and water are dominant in ourselves and in the world around us. This makes us vibrant, energetic and active. We enjoy the warmth, the long light and time spent outdoors. We have less difficulty with getting out of bed in the morning and feel like we can get more done in a day. As a result, we mainly direct our energy outwards. Summer is the time of sociability. Work is on the back burner during this period and we plan our schedule full of holidays, trips, activities and appointments with friends.

Why alone time matters in summer too

All of this makes summer a wonderful time. How nice it is to move along with that vibrant flow and enjoy long evenings with family and friends. But as a result, we sometimes forget to check in with ourselves. Even Pitta’s fiery energy has its limits, meaning that that full agenda or those short nights can suddenly become too much.

If you take too little time to recharge during the warm months, you will easily become overheated both mentally and physically, raising the chances of a Pitta imbalance. Hot flushes, headaches, rashes, irritation and (self)criticism are examples of things you could start suffering from.

The solstice: the moment to awaken your inner sun

Some extra attention for summer self-care is therefore indispensable. A good night’s sleep, sufficient moments of relaxation and regular self-massages are tools that can make a huge difference. But the solstice too provides an excellent opportunity for taking a break. We tend to let the power and vibrancy that the sun gives us flow outward, to our surroundings and people with whom we spend time. But this radiant, bright energy can actually bring a great deal of clarity to our inner world as well.

Therefore, think of the solstice as an opportunity for a little celebration with yourself, a moment to turn inward and awaken your own inner sun. Here are 3 tips to celebrate the solstice and strengthen the connection with the inner you:

1. Start your day with a series of sun salutations

This way you’ll create even more connection with the sun’s vibrant energy and start your day with a boost! For the real early birds among us: get up at sunrise and do the sun salutation outside.

2. Reflect on the past six months

Pitta’s drive, decisiveness & capacity for clear insights are extra strong during the solstice. By  taking time for yourself at this particular moment, you can make the most of these qualities to reflect and make new plans for the time ahead. Did you set out intentions for the new year last winter? Then this is an ideal time to take a closer look at them.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Am I currently where I’d like to be?
  • Have I not yet carried out certain plans, although I would have liked to? If so, why not?
  • Have I given myself enough time and resources to achieve my goals?
  • Do I still have the same intentions & goals at this point as I did six months ago? What has changed?
  • What did I like about the past six months? What kind of feeling did that give me? How can I take that feeling with me in the coming time?
  • How can I take care of myself (even) better in the next six months?
  • How can I be (even) more present in the moments I spend with those close to me in the coming months?
  • Do I dare to trust that things will fall into place, even if I let go of control a little more? How can I practice strengthening this trust?

3. Meditate in the sunlight

Enjoy the light and the warmth that the sun brings. Use this moment to reflect on the changing of the seasons and how that transition is reflected in our own lives, which are also in constant flux.

Hopefully these insights and tips will help you to turn the solstice into a special, but above all happy day. Enjoy!

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