EMBODY is a unique program in which we set out to discover your true nature. Because there is only one path, and that path is for you to be your beautiful, radiant self. Within the program I offer different coaching packages, depending on your wants and needs. Read more about the different options below and find out which one suits you best.

What is the one thing?

A Life that is ATTUNED
to Your

Ready for change

Discover your true nature

Do you often feel like you’re not living your own life? That you’re being led by the views and opinions of others? Do you sense that life has more to offer and that change is possible, but are you having a hard time figuring out where to start?

Are you suffering from physical or mental issues and do you have less energy than you’d like to have?

The good news is: we can work with that!

Let’s discover together how to live a life that suits you as a unique individual. How to adopt habits that energize you and fit you like a glove. How to eat what nourishes your body. How to make life choices from the heart.

The program

What to expect

In the EMBODY program, we focus on all five levels of your being: Energy, Mind, Body, Open Heart & Delight. We start with one or two in-depth sessions in which we examine your current situation, your health, your dreams, and your goals. This will mark the beginning of our journey.

Within the program, we work with proven practices in the field of energy work, Ayurveda, mindset, heart coherence, and more. We meet regularly to discuss the progress and I’m always available to you for questions, advice, and support.

Your program will be specifically designed for you. Because you’re more than a body, mind or soul. At Tripti, we believe in the power of you as a whole. A unique and beautiful creature that doesn’t fit into a box.

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The offer

Choose what works for you

The Start

  • 4-week program — 2 sessions
  • One in-depth intake with advice on nutrition & lifestyle, along with one follow-up session
  • Personal coaching throughout the program

The Core

  • 10-week program
  • Ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle at the core
  • Supporting practices from the 5 EMBODY modules: Energy, Mindset, Body, Open Heart & Delight


  • 20-week program
  • We create an energetic and mental field from which changes will feel more natural
  • Deepening practices from all modules to uncover your full potential


Changes that matter


  • Get rid of your physical complaints
  • Boost your energy level
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Start creating synchronicities and experience a greater flow in your life
  • Become less prone to negative thinking patterns and depression
  • Gain insight into your dreams, wishes & desires and take practical steps towards the life you envision

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